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Technical Service of Polymer SulfonateDrilling Fluid
Polymer sulfonate drilling fluid is added into sulfonatetreating agent on the base of polymer drilling fluid, which can improve quality of mud cake and borehole stability, significantly decrease complexities such as hole-wall collapsing and jamming of drilling tool in deep wells, and finally improve the drilling success ratio to a large extent. Polymer sulfonate drilling fluid has been developped for decades and been one of the best choice of drilling fluid for the drilling company, the technique of which is reletively mature and the sulfonatetreating agent of which is easy to get.
  •  Good high-temperature rheological property and heat stability;
  •  Good ability to suppress formation mud making, debris dispersion and hydration and swelling of shale;
  •  Low hthp filter loss, forming finely mud cake with good plugging effect and high borehole stability;
  •  High temperature tolerance and applicable for deep well drilling;
  •  High salt and calcium resistant capacity;
  •  Low cost.
Technical Indicators 
Application Cases
Our technique is mature and has been applied in nearly 90 vertical, directional and horizontal wells in oil or gas fields such as Qinghai oil field, Changqing oil field, Yanchang oil field and Sulige gas field. Thereinto the biggest drilling fluid density in Well Xian X and Xian X reaches 1.95 g/cm3 with stable drilling fluid propertyand supressing the pollution of several high-pressure saline layers. Our technique has been used for more than 50 wells easy to collapse and leak and horizontal wells(with the biggest length of horizontal segment of 1800m) in Changqing oil field.