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Coiled Tubing Drilling Plug
Milling purpose
After fracturing, using 2 "coiled tubing drilling with power drill tool drill out all bridge plug for post production to provide smooth production channels.
Milling tool string 

Surface flow sheet 

Surface flow sheet requires
(1) Before the job to ensure that these processes required circulation tank, filters, 
liquid  supply system, fracturing  truck,  single-flow valves, pipes, elbows, plug valves and other preparations are complete;
(2) high pressure manifold designed according to pressure connection.
(3) fracturing pump are two, a spare. circular tank volume 40m³, prepare five for drilling fluid circulation plug;
(4) Prepare choke or throttle ,to prepare for drilling plug job regulating wellhead pressure. 
Motor parameters 
Working Displacement: 0.23-0.45 m3/min
Best operating torque: 890Nm
Speed 200-300RPM 
Type: Flat
Size: 108mm, 110mm 
Construction Effects
2014,In the Fuling,we drilled plug Construction of 42 wells, a total of 612 bridge plug, bridge plug drilling and grinding average time 1.4h, drill stopper 100% completion rate. It accounted for 53% of the total JiaoShi task .For example,The JY 1-X, JY 7-X wells and other wells have reached the expected yield;The JY 8-X well drilled plug blowout early production up to 60 × 104m3; The JY 23-X wells drilled plug after venting, unimpeded production reached 120 × 104m3; The JY 15-X, depth of 5137m, Up to now it is the deepest horizontal well of JiaoShiBa. drilling and grinding 25 bridge plug in 8 days , the success rate is 100%.The JY 23-1HF, using PDC bits, drill out 17 bridge plug in one trip , the success rate is 100%. Drill plug aging 30 minutes / a bridge plug.
              Second coiled tubing Team in JY8-X drilling plug site                                  JiaoYe 8-X gas testing