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Coiled Tubing Perforating

Perforating purpose
Convoy peroration gun with 2" CT  to  target zone and open path for  the future plug 
pumping down operation. 
Perforation toolstring 
Perforating detonation
  1.The first cluster perforation from the casing annulus pressure and pressure detonator get perforation;
  2.The second cluster perforation pressure  from inside coiled  tubing  and  pressure  detonator  get perforation;
  3.Detonation pressure can be adjusted according to the actual situation. 
Perforating effect 
When it detonate, the pressure within the coiled tubing and the wellbore and coiled tubing hanging heavy ground changed significantly, coiled tubing and wellhead shake violently. 
Perforation equipment 
Coiled tubing perforating equipment parameters are as follows
Perforating gun
Outer diameter: φ89 mm
Phase position: 60 °
Hole density: 20 holes / m
Perforating bullet:Model: DP35RDX29-1A type
Aperture: 9.5mm

Type: Pressure hole detonators (YBK1-3A-SC) + pressure detonating device (YB1-1-SC)
Pressure: 90 MPa
Temperature: 160 ℃ / 48h (HQBQ1-1) 
2014, In the Fuling, coiled tubing conveyed perforating 48 wells, perforation 48 perforating , 96 clusters. perforation success rate of 100% .