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To create opportunities for employees, to create value for our customers and to create wealth for the society

Responsibility towards employee
1. Employees are ensured in their health and personal & property safety;
2. Employees are reasonably paid according to work
3.  Personality, willingness and development of employees are understood and respected;
4. With support and training, employees are provided with great career planning.

Responsibility towards our customers
1. With high sense of responsibility towards customers, respect our customers by being honest and credible;
2. Provide our customers with service to meet their demands for exceeding expectations from customers.
3. Create value for our customers to bring them benefits for achievement of win-win.

Social responsibility
1. Build a high-quality enterprise to increase employment;
2. Take a lead in observing rules of courtesy;
3. Give back to society with devotion to charitable activities;
4. Show respect for nature with environmental protection.