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China Entering a Commercial Time in Developing Shale Gas
Author:    Readnum:2951       Datetime:2014-05-09 19:51

For a consecutive couple of days, it has been a hot topic within the energy chemical industry circle that the Chinas first large shale gas field – Sinopec Fuling Shale Gas Field – will go into scale production and commercialized development. It is generally believed that there are multiple barriers ahead to accelerate China’s shale gas development, namely, the investment body, pipe network, pricing, markets and environment protection. Many specific links and affairs need to be specified and implemented.

Against the backdrop of high consumption of coals, frequent occurrence of haze weather and increasing dependency on oil and gas imports, this major breakthrough made by Sinopec Fuling Shale Gas Field is good news with great significance. Although compared with the current 200 billion m3 natural gas demand, the output of shale gas is still little, it is a step forward in the direction of adjusting and optimizing the domestic energy structure, which will also make some complement to the natural gas market.

The commercial value has gradually emerged in exploiting the shale gas. However, realization of scale exploitation and resolution of specific problems in application will depend on solution of such problems as reduction of exploitation cost, construction of pipeline network and implementation of consumer group market.