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Close to drilling bits \ rotary steering construction successfully approved by Party A in the Hubei area.
Author:    Readnum:3222       Datetime:2017-06-15 15:49

The last drilling in the horizontal construction of EYY-X well was completed at 4 pm February 21, symbolizing our company as an oriented to be safe service centre, high qualified and efficient completion the horizontal construction mission of the well. This is the first horizontal shale gas well deployed by the China Geological Survey as well as the first shale gas ever implemented in the middle Yangtze region of China. Structure location of the well belongs to southern of Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor, targeted zone is located in the Cambrian system formation of the well.


This well adopted new construction mode is close to drilling bits + rotary steering, i.e. adopted close to drilling bits tool IPZIG which carries out 1700~2006 meters of geological drilling before A target and rotary steering tool Archer which completes the horizontal construction. Borehole length of the well is 2217 meters, the total construction time is 18.88 days, pure drilling time is only 170.57 hours, the average penetration rate is 13 m / h, 9 7% drilling rate of targeted zone was obtained.

Our construction team put away the reunion with the family during the Spring Festival time to overcome the non-adjacent well data, complicated geological conditions, thin target zone, too early staged intensity, poor mud performance, difficult upward debris, unable to adjust displacement mode instructions and other difficulties as rigorous, efficient, drilling completion with a schedule of 4.5 days ahead, which was recognized by A Party of Geological Survey. With the successful drilling of EYY-X well, drilling technology and engineering parameters of the long horizontal shale gas well in the Shuijingtuo formation area led to preliminary exploration, which accumulated valuable experience and base for the next Cambrian shale gas exploration well construction, which is a good start.