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Good News Kept Pouring from Work Area in North China
Author:Liufei    Readnum:3206       Datetime:2014-10-17 16:37

Lately, the construction of Well JH-X and Well JH-XX in the work area of the Company in North China was successful completed and received praise from Party A.

    Well JH-X was the well that was first built by the Company using coiled tubing for implementation of multi-cluster staged fracturing. The well was fractured in 27 clusters and 14 sections, creating a number of records with the most sections, the maximum amount of sand fracturing, and the most perforation operations under the renovation project with coiled tubing in the work area in North China.
        After the smooth fracturing construction, Well JH-XX began to be opened for gushing from August 14. By August 18, at 7:00, a total of 51.5m3 crude oil had been flowed and the well showed good oil-producing performance. The well was fractured with combined technology of bridge plugging and perforation. It was fractured in eight sections and seven bridge plugs. Due to the simultaneous construction of multiple wells and the dirt road caused by rain in recent days, the well sites were not accessible by vehicles. Led by Tao Liangjun, Vice President of the Company, three fracturing engineers, Xu Wei, Zhao Zhoumin, and Lv Rongping, who were reasonably dispatched by the Fracturing Technology Department, walked 4km along the mountainous road into the well sites in spite of the rain to ensure the smooth progress of the construction.