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Contingency Drills Carried Out by the Coiled Tubing Puguang 105-2 Well
Author:    Readnum:5696       Datetime:2014-05-09 19:24

Wash for blockage removal by coiled tubing is a coiled tubing project conducted by our company at a high-sulphur area. Any H2S leakage during the operation process could most probably lead to casualties. Therefore, construction of this time was fairly difficult and dangerous. “I am responsible for my own safety and I have responsibility for my colleagues’ safety.” In order to improve contingency capability and to assure no loss of lives, the Coiled Tubing Team have recently conducted a couple of contingency drills.

On April 6th, before the start of construction, Puguang Coiled Tubing Team accepted a one-day emergency rescue training at the Emergency Rescue Center of Puguang Sub-Company, Zhongyuan Oil Field. 
On April the 8th, over 10 members from the Coiled Tubing Service Center were participating an “Contingency Drill of H2S Overflowing Accident Caused by Leakage of the Blowout Preventer” at Puguang 105-2 Well. The team leader RAO Yu made a comment after the drill. 

On April 10th, under the organization of Party A, Yilong Corporation joined hands with Zhongyuan Jingxia Company (the construction unit) to carry out twice the “Contingency Drill of H2S Leakage Accident Caused by the Semi Seal Failure of Coiled Tubing”. Vice President WANG Hai from Yilong and members from QHSE department, Puguang Emergency Rescue Center and other units concerned participated in the drill. The leader from Party A made a comment after the drill.

It was estimated that in the follow-up operations, more accident contingency drills would be performed, so that every participating member for the construction could respond skillfully to the emerged accidents, that various manpower and material resources would be organized and coordinated in time to minimize possible damages.

Background Introduction

Puguang Gas Field contains H2S, which is a strong nervous poison. H2S has a strong hormesis to mucosae. When it reaches high concentration, it may directly inhibit respiratory center to cause an immediate apnea and even death. Contact with low-concentrated H2S for a long time will also cause symptoms of neurasthenic syndrome and neurological disorders.

Accident Contingency Drill is a key link for safety system project. Faced with accidents, it is of utmost importance to be familiar with and accurate in executing the accidents contingency plan to enhance the staff’s emergency reaction and coordinating ability so as to control casualty and to save lives. Special plans need to be made for each accident contingency drill, which shall include the purpose of contingency drill, the scope of application, the principles of the drill, organization and coordination, various staff including commanding staff, emergency rescue staff, leakage control staff, inspection and reviewing staff, as well as communications and reports, comments and summary, etc.