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Dragon is not only totem of the Chinese nation, but also a symbol of the best and perfect. Yilong, meaning “a dragon”, expresses our wish to be the service model and the leader of the technology in the field of petroleum resources.

Promoted employees

With a variety of professional training, employees will be improved in quality;
With complete incentive mechanism, employees will be motivated for promotion;
With a variety of platforms and channels, employees will be encouraged to create results;
To get employees promoted is our fundamental employment principle.

Cheerful employees
With strict safety management, health and safety of employees are ensured;
Initiating harmonious work atmosphere, employees are provided with pleasant work environment;
With a variety of benefits, employees can enjoy splendid life;
To make employees cheerful is what we are always advocating in work. 

Happy employees
With rational evaluation and honor systems, advantages of every employee will be recognized;
With a payment system above averages in the industry, benefits of employees are ensured;
Extending our care for employees to his family, every employee is accepted together with his family so that they can work without worries about his family;
To make employees happy is what we are always pursuing for in work.