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Drilling engineering services

Drilling engineering services


Scope of  services: 

Powerful  drilling ability

   YLHY can provide a series of drilling rigs for 2000m to 9000m well’s drilling.Annual maximum drilling capability can reach 400,000meters.By which we can complete the project of drilling and completion service for wells whose TD are  less than 9,000m,including vertical wells, horizontal wells, cluster wells and multi-lateral wells 

Adaptable to complicated  formation conditions

        Drill a borehole in complicated formation conditions such as low pressure, low production and low  permeation  or  high temperature ,high pressure(up to 105MPa),high H2S and high production.

Full geological conditions

Drilling well in diversified oilfield such as mountain, plain, desert, swamp and shallow sea.

Distinguished drilling technology

  •  Optimized  and fast-speed drilling

  •  drilling technology of only one run to drill completely second section of a directional  well

  •  Drilling technology for formations with vary pressure coefficients  in one borehole

  •  Large and deep hole( 17-1/2’’ section and  4300m accumulated depth)  drilling technology

  •  Drilling  technology in tremendous thick and high pressure salt-gypsum formation

  •  Narrow window ECD reservoir drilling technology

  •  Leak prevention and Plugging techniques of  well-control technology


Integrated drilling services 


Services summarized

        Beijing YilongHengye Oil Engineering Technical  Co., Ltd. (Yilong),as a supplier of technology, integrated project management and information solutions to customers working in the oil and gas industry, provide from geological design and drilling engineering design  to  drilling, directional drilling, well completion and oil &gas testing  such integrated engineering services.


Scope of services:

  •  Geological design

  •  Drilling engineering design

  •  Preliminary engineering for spudding

  •  Drilling services

  •  Logging and mud-logging services

  •  Well cementing

  •  Directional  drilling services

  •  Drilling and completion fluid services

  •  Coring services

  •  Well completion services

  •  Drilling waste management



        YLHY spread drilling engineering services not only  in JiaoShi area and XinJiang province ,China but also overseas , such as Kazakhstan ,Algeria,Middle East. Until Oct,2015., totally  more than 100 wells have been drilled successfully and accumulated footage is 400,000 meters