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Pathfinder Zone Inclination&Gamma
The PZIG tool is an instrumented sub that operates directly above thedrill bit to provide real-time inclination and gamma ray measurements.These measurements are used to help determine well path placement anddetermine position real-time while drilling. The PZIG sub is an accurate,cost effective geosteering solution whether drilling for optimum reservoir drainage, setting casing, build rates, or just to determine position realtimewhile drilling.
  •  Inclination measurements situated at the bit
  •  Natural Gamma Ray measurements situated at the bit
  •  Compatible with any positive displacement motor or rotary steerable
  •  Compatible with all mud types
  •  Wireless electromagnetic “short-hop” communication between upper and lower subs with data transmitted real-time via PathFinder MWD system
  •  Stand alone, battery operated electronics
  •  Communicates during pumps off and is downhole programmable
  •  Optimal well placement in reservoirs
  •  Helps drill better well paths for accelerated production
  •  Reduced well tortuosity and dogleg severity
  •  Early bed boundary detection
  •  Real-time steering within the reservoir or zone of interest
  •  Horizontal, ERD, and directional drilling
  •  Accurately steering within formations with dipping beds
  •  Casing point selection by detecting formation changes at the bit